When is Fadderullan arranged this year?

Fadderullan 2020 is arranged 12-18 August 2020.

Who can participate?

Our events is reserved for Buddies and the new students at BI Norwegian Business School.

Is Fadderullan for students at BI only?

Yes, except one of the days, then we open up for all students in Oslo, so bring your friends!

When are tickets released?

Tickets will be released continuously throughout the week, normally two days before the relevant event.

When and where can I pick up my ticket band?

Pick-up times will be announced later.

If I'm unable to pick up my wristbands, can I still get into the events?

Unfortunately not. We have over 4000 participating students, which means we can't make exceptions. If you know that you will be unable to pick up your wristbands at the set times, send us a message in advance and we'll figure something out.

Do you need the Fadderullan wristband in addition to the ticket bands to attend the events?

Yes. The Fadderullan wristband is proof that you're either a participating student or a Buddy, so you will need all the bands to attend. When and where to pick up your wristbands will be announced later.


Do you cut ticket bands?

Yes, if someone behaves badly we do cut the wristband. Fadderullan is meant to be a good experience for everyone, therefore we need to have some consequences for bad behaviour. See our policy for further information. 

Have further questions? Find your relevant contact person here.



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