Every year BI Oslo arranges the study start week called ‘Fadderullan’ which gives the new students a head start on their studies. You will get an amazing opportunity to get to know Oslo and your fellow students.

The week is made up of a range of social gatherings like academic events, live music concerts, park days and more you will get to know BI and the student community at its best.


This year 2022, Fadderullan (Bachelor Students Buddy Week) and GSS (Master Students Buddy Week) will collaborate during the event week for the first time. BI is a diverse school and we want to give all students the chance to get to know one another in as many ways possible.


We are very excited to welcome you to BI Oslo, if you have any questions for us please contact us via Instagram or Facebook;

Instagram: @fadderullanbi

Facebook: Fadderullan Oslo



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