Drink Cool AS is a brand that develops and sells functional drinks in sustainable packaging. 

















Today, the company has two product lines: Cool Water and Cool Energy Water - both with carefully selected ingredients and wonderfully refreshing flavors.  

The idea of beverages bottled on paper-based cartons came about when the founders of Drink Cool discovered a lack of alternatives, especially in the Norwegian water market, where there was almost exclusively water in plastic bottles on store shelves. Drink Cool had an ambition to give people the opportunity to choose paper-based when they buy water, and not least to inspire them to make conscious choices in everyday life.  























In autumn 2020, Cool Water was launched - a refreshing water in 4 different flavours. And in the spring of 2022, we launched Cool Energy Water in three flavors. Energy Water is an alternative to other energy and sports drinks on the market: bottled on paper-based cardboard, without carbonation, with a screw cap - and not least with a high content of caffeine and BCAA, which makes it the perfect drink to take with you during training.


Drink Cool works with Tetra Pak, which supplies carton packaging mainly made of cardboard. Together, Drink Cool and Tetra Pak aim to further reduce the use of plastic, remove aluminum and increase the use of responsibly sourced paper-based material in our cartons. 

























1. Using renewable and recycled materials, so that we do not deplete the planet's resources.

2. Focus on carbon-neutral production and distribution.

3. Use of safe and practical packaging for our products.

4. Use of packaging that can be recycled.

5. Ensure that Drink Cool products are kept in the recycling process.

Our goal is to have cartons that are 100% plant-based, compostable and carbon neutral. 


Drink Cool is constantly working to expand its range and develop innovative, functional drinks in environmentally smart packaging.

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