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Fangene på Fortet - in Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger


Fangene på Fortet offer many different cells with different tasks that must be solved together as a team.


Invite friends, family or colleagues either enough for a team - or several teams and compete against each other!


At Fangene på Fortet, you can arrange team building as an exciting and fun competition among the employees, or organize a party. There is a need for all kinds of qualities and talents: Physics, knowledge and creativity.


We have tasks that are suitable for everyone - regardless of physical condition and age.


Who are you challenging?



















Challenging and fun tasks!

The rooms at Fangene på Fortet offer many different and challenging tasks.




Ball talent, balance, calculation, memory, logic, strength, math skills, memory, acrobatics and much more!


All rooms require a team effort and your team is rewarded with points according to how quickly and correctly you solve the tasks the cell has to offer.



In addition to the Fangene på Fortet, you will find several other activities, bar, catering, birthday room and meeting room with us.


Fangene på Fortet

Oslo - Bergen - Stavanger


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