When is Fadderullan this year?

Fadderullan 2022 is arranged 15-22 August.

What happens if I lose my Fadderullan wristband?

Take good care of your wristband, because if you lose it you will not get a new one.  If your wristband gets damaged, please send us a DM, and we take it from there. You will get a new one, but only if we have one available.

Do you use corona passes during the buddy week?

To attend our events

Where do you buy tickets for the events? 

Tickets for various events will be posted a few days in advance of the event. Most tickets are sold through Ticketco.no and information is shared about ticket sales in advance on Instagram and Facebook.  

How will Covid-19 affect?  Fadderullan 2022?

We are working as hard as we can to create a corona-friendly buddy week. We are regularly updated on guidelines from the government and put students' safety first.  We will keep the current guidelines and regulations available and visible on the website during the week.  

What is the buddy week?

Every autumn, BI Fadderullan is arranged, to give new students a head start on their studies. Here you get a unique opportunity to get to know your fellow students! Through social activities and lots of fun, you get to take part in the student community and get to know everything that is worth knowing in the city. We arrange concerts, barbecues, parties, school tours and much, much more. We want you to feel welcome, and we look forward to getting to know you better!  

How do you get to the events?

It will be possible to use a bus, track or tram to get to the various events. If you are unsure how to get there, you can use the Ruter app. The app shows different transport options and the best routes to use during different times. Remember, your buddy is always available to help you with this too. 

What do you do if you lack groups?

If you are missing a group, you can contact Buddy.fr.oslo@biso.no

Do you have other questions? Find your relevant contact person here .